New Releases: AlphaVSS 0.6.0 & AlphaFS 0.3.1

New versions of both of the above libraries have been released. For more information about AlphaVSS, see this post, and AlphaFS was announced in this post.


AlphaFS 0.3.1

New Features

  • Added support for hardlinks and symbolic links in class File.
  • Added support for windows native file encryption.
  • Added File.GetCompressedSize()


  • CLSCompliant(false) was applied to the assembly
  • Improved error reporting, and cleanup of internal class NativeError.


AlphaVSS 0.6.0 (pre-alpha)


This release contains an overhauled interface in general, making the classes easier and more convenient to use from .NET. “out”-parameters have been mostly eliminated, and enumerations are handled with generic containers where possible and efficient.

Many bugs were also fixed in the process, and documentation was added to at least some of the classes.

Read my comments at the bottom of the page before downloading this.



Both libraries can be downloaded from the downloads page.


Request for Feedback

To continue the devlopment of these libraries I need to hear from you. I would very much like to hear if you find these libraries interesting or useful, if you find any problems with them or have any suggestions to make.

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  1. The 0.6.0 version of AlphaVSS should really be considered pre-alpha rather than alpha. Several design enhancements and bug-corrections have been made since its release, and many interfaces have changed considerably. The next version will be released when the interface has stabilized a bit more (which shouldn’t be too long considering the time I seem to be spending on this project 😉

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