AlphaVSS and AlphaFS goes CodePlex

AlphaVSS provides a managed .NET interface to the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service, making it possible to conveniently access and use the VSS API from within eg. C# or VB.

AlphaFS is a .NET library providing more complete Win32 file system functionality to the .NET platform than the standard System.IO classes. Features highlights: creating hardlinks, accessing hidden volumes, enumeration of volumes, transactional file operations and much more.

AlphaFS and AlphaVSS have been moved to CodePlex. Further discussions and development will be made through these new project pages. Hopefully this will make the libraries more accessible, and support discussions will be more readable.  In addition, using TFS with Visual Studio provides for a somewhat nicer development environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the slow recent development of these libraries. I recently finished my MSc project, graduated school, applied for jobs, and got a new job which has been taking up most of my time. Hopefully I will be able to do the updates I’ve planned to these libraries fairly soon though.