Release: AlphaVSS versions 1.1.4000 and 1.2.4000

AlphaVSS versions 1.1.4000 and 1.2.4000 have been released!

In addition to some bug fixes, this release contains a more full-featured sample application, called AlphaShadow, that replicates many of the features from the VShadow sample application found in the Windows SDK.

This release unfortunately introduces a few breaking changes that will require you to modify your existing applications. The most important one is the removal of the IVssAsync interface. To adapt the standard asynchronous programming model (APM) of .NET this interface was exchanged for IVssAsyncResult which implements the standard System.IAsyncResult interface from .NET. The adoption of the standard APM also means that the methods that previously returned an IVssAsync
instance now has become synchronous and returns void. For example the method DoBackupSet in IVssBackupComponents now does not return until the operation is complete. In addition to this methods the method BeginDoSnapshotSet is provided which returns an IAsyncResult, and EndDoSnapshotSet that waits for the operation
to complete.

As usual the library is found at