AlphaVSS 1.3 Released and Project Moved to GitHub

AlphaVSS has now been moved from it’s previous home at CodePlex to GitHub and it also got online documentation instead of that CHM. Visit the website at

What’s new in 1.3?

The major news in version 1.3 is that support for versions of Windows earlier than Vista has been removed. This means that the number of .dll-files that needs to be distributed is significantly less, since the same DLL:s are used for all versions of Windows Vista. This also simplifies the build process of AlphaVSS itself since there is no need to install that old VSS SDK and older versions of Visual Studio.

Also the assemblies were retargeted to the .NET 4.5 framework, meaning they can be built with Visual Studio 2013.

For more information see the Changelog

Why GitHub?

Well, I previosly did not quite understand why more and more projects seemed to move from CodePlex and other sites onto GitHub. But then one day I found some errors in some NuGet packages containing TypeScript definitions (DefinitelyTyped), and I decided I would like to fix this and contribute the fix to that project. And the way this works when using Git compared to something like TFS is just wonderful, once you get the hang of how Git works (which isn’t very difficult really).

But of course, I could have used Git on CodePlex as well. But the GitHub site is just better in my opinion. It has a nice feature called GitHub-Pages for creating websites based on markdown content in a repository, which is a great idea. It displays Markdown pages in the Wiki, and Readme-files, and Markdown is just so much easier to work with than those pesky WYSIWYG editors.

So these are the reasons for moving the project, and I am happy with it, I hope you will be too.

So if you want to contribute, just create a fork on github and send a pull request with your changes. 🙂